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The main protagonist is a teenager named Tom, whose friend Kaz constantly tells him of his adventures in Chaotic. Tom, who believes that Chaotic is only a card game, thinks that Kaz is making things up, until he entered a password he received from the game. It was then Tom knew that Kaz wasn't lying. In Chaotic, he also met some new friends, like the courageous Sarah and the comic Peyton, and new enemies, like the arrogant duo Klay and Krystella. Players in Chaotic go to Perim and scan new creatures and use them to battle. In Perim, Tom also got to meet many creatures, including his favorite, Maxxor. The battles between players take place in dromes, which are virtual battles where players become the creatures they choose and fight for the right to battle against the drome master. In Perim, the four tribes are currently at war for the Cothica, the power that controls all of Perim. In the second season, the fifth tribe, the M'arrillians, escape from the Doors of the Deepmines and take over the other four tribes by brainwashing other creatures. The second season featured true cell animation and better quality artwork.