Jimmy Neutron

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James Isaac Neutron is the main character of the show. He is an 11-year-old American genius inventor whose inventions often go awry, generally cause massive damage to the town, annoy the inhabitants of Retroville, or cause a situation which brings on near-extinction to mankind. His wardrobe consists of a red t-shirt, jeans and shoes but also in his grey briefs. These situations call for Jimmy to find a way to fix the problem he caused, and usually it's up to him to save the day against his own creations. He often uses sudden surges of thought which he calls Brain Blasts. His name is a pun of the scientist Isaac Newton. His mother refers to him by his full name as James Isaac Neutron only when his inventions cause disasters. In the episode The N-Men, he has powers related to that of The Incredible Hulk and the Thing (he grows huge and strong when he gets angry, and in that form, he has markings that are similar to the Thing's). He has a growing affection on local genius girl Cindy Vortex. They hate each other at first, but later on grows to like then love each other. Jimmy seems to be jealous when Cindy goes with another guy (e.g: Timmy Turner). During many episodes Jimmy sneaks glances at Cindy and in the episode Love Potion 976/J, he falls in love with Cindy due to his potion. They nearly kiss about 3 times in the series, and finally kiss in Lady Sings the News.