A Kind of Magic

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A Kind of Magic (Known as Magic in France) is a French animated television series created by Marc Du Pontavice and his animation company Xilam. The story deals with a kid named Tom and his family's problems, including his sister Cindy, who is crazy after every boy she sees, his toad 'His Highness', his evil Aunt Ferocia who wants to turn him evil as well, and his parents who have been exiled from FairyLand and now have to live on Earth. The introduction song sequence is a shortened version of A Kind of Magic, by Queen.
The series has been an instant hit and was rated the most popular series at MIPCOM Junior, attracting over 280 buyers.

The story follows the life of Willow the fairy, and her reformed ogre husband Gregore, who are not allowed to get married as per Fairyland rules. They move out to Planet Earth, where they try and fit into society as normal human beings with their children, Tom and Cindy (named after Tom Thumb and Cinderella) and their evil aunt Ferocia. Not to mention the Zainy vampire JoJo having a crush on Tom.