Story "Until Proven Guilty Chapter 10" by t5kenneth

Chapter Ten- What the Letter Said

Pocahontas stared at John in shock.

Youre father? She asked, not wanting to believe that Johns father would do that to his own son. John nodded, and then flinched from the pain in his back.

Yes, Pocahontas. My father is on the kings jury. He wrote to me about it and how stupid I was.

Stupid? How were you stupid? Pocahontas asked. John was quiet. He handed her the letter.

Here. You read it. Pocahontas took it from him and in the dim light, she read what Johns father had wrote.

Dear Son,

By the time you get this letter, youll have already have known what is going to happen to you. You are going to die. It pained me to have to decide what was going to happen to you, but I had to. Its my job.

I told you not to go back, John. I told you to stay away from that savage. I told you she and her kind were nothing but trouble and they remain to this very day, this very minute, this very second trouble. I told you she would cause you nothing but grief. Nothing but grief and trouble. And pain. This is all her fault. Its her fault you got shot, its her fault that youre going to die. She is nothing but a savage and all she has done to you is cost youre your life. I sincerely hope youre happy, John. Because of her, youll never see freedom or the light of day again.

Keep in mind what I have said, son. Savages will never change. They will forever remain savages and no good. Remember that, John.

Your father,

Samuel Smith

Pocahontas looked at John again. His head was leaning back on the wall and even in the dim light, Pocahontas could see the lightning and fire in Johns blue eyes. He was angry. He was angry that his father would say all those things. He had attacked Ratcliffe in the first place because he had called Pocahontas a savage. Now his own father was insulting her.

Pocahontas was silent. After a little while, she broke the silence.

Maybe he was rightyour father? She asked.

What? John asked. Pocahontas stood up.

Maybe hes right and this is all my fault. Pocahontas said. John stared at her in disbelief.

Pocahontas, dont you ever think that any of this was your fault. John said. Never! He said. Pocahontas started to cry again.

But hes right. If it wasnt for me, you wouldnt be here in this cell about to die, John! She said, sobbing.

Youre right, Pocahontas, if it wasnt for you, I wouldnt be here now. John said. Pocahontas looked at him. Id be dead if it wasnt for you. I would be dead right now. No questions asked.

What do you mean?

You saved my life, remember? John asked, trying to smile. Pocahontas sobbed more.

Come here. He commanded gently. Pocahontas didnt move. I cant come to you. First of all, Im chained to the wall. Second of all, my back is hurting like crazy. He said. Pocahontas went over to him and sat down beside him. He put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her close.

I never should have let you read that letter. He whispered.

Im glad you did. Pocahontas said after she had calmed down a little.


Because now, I have to search for Samuel Smith.