Story "The Elements part three Chapter 2" by momoney1

CHAPTER TWO: FIRE "What in the world? What am I doing here in a forest inyes, Im in Perim. Theres Sarah. Shes still asleep. Is that Tom way over there? Where are my glasses? Oh, pocket. Great, theyre cracked. Oh, Sarahs waking up now"
Sarah! Kaz called. Sarah looked up and took a moment before waving, but she refused to stand. Kaz too was weak and confused, but he did stand. In the distance, he saw the sleeping Tom. Everything then came back to him.
"Weve got powers now. ImFire. Tomsomething to do with green. Uh! Why cant I remember?!? Sarahs Water, I know that, and Peytonhes Wind. Oh! Tom is Earth. So, what can we do with these powers? I wonder if I can do research from here using my scanner. I can! A documents here about my powers. So, I can make small fires, large fires, any kind of fires. It is rather cold. Maybe just a small fire. Besides, Sarah has Water abilities, so she can put it out. Alright, here we go"
Kaz, what are you doing? Sarah screamed. Kaz thought about a small fire, and his powers set a small bush on fire.
"This is not what I had planned"
Uh, a little help here, Sarah! You have water powers! Help me put this out! Kaz called as the fire went to a nearby tree. Sarah walked quickly towards Kaz.
What do you mean, water powers? Sarah asked dubiously. Justthink about putting out this fire with water, Kaz said quickly. Sarah did as he said, and sure enough a small stream of water poured out of her hands. She aimed them towards the tree and the bush, increasing the pressure gradually until she was dousing the areas completely. Unfortunately for her though, the fire was spreading quickly and it was spreading towards Tom, who couldnt see for the smoke.
"I wonder if Toms awake. We have to save him"
Sarah! Aim over there! The fires spreading! Kaz screamed. Sarah obeyed and aimed one hand towards where Kaz was pointing. She increased more pressure as limbs began to fall. The two ran, Kaz running forwards to guide Sarah who ran backwards. When Kaz looked to where Tom was before, he was gone. Im going to look for another stream to help you! Ill be back! Kaz yelled over the noise. Sarah nodded.
Just hurry! she called weakly.
"Using that much power must be draining her. I feel bad for her, but where is Tom? If hes Earth then he must be able to do something to help us with the fire, but what? Wait, are those caves"
Tom? Kaz called. He was nowhere to be found, so Kaz lit a fireball in his hand. "These powers may be cool and worthwhile after all, if they can help us in the world in any way," Kaz thought. He then followed a main trail, keeping to one distinct direction to keep from getting lost. He tried calling Tom, but nothing worked.
"Maybe I was seeing things. Maybe Tom isnt apart of this yet. Maybe these powers give us some sort of extra sight abilities, like psychics at home have, or think they have. If I can believe in Chaotic, then I can believe in these powers, butthis is all so strange. Why cant I call anyone? Sarah wouldnt answer because shes busy cleaning up my mess, but PeytonI wonder if he woke up. I hope my fire didnt kill him. Maybe I should go back to Sarah, make sure that I havent killed my last hopes.
"Wait. This is where the castle would be, but its only rocks and these endless caverns. I hope they havent found Tom sneaking around, butI need to get back"
As soon as Kaz came up to the forest, he saw that Sarah was alive and making progress. In the distance, he saw someone port into the forest. It was Peyton!
"I never thought Id be happy to see him," Kaz thought.