Story "What You Probably Didnt Know Chapter 7" by momoney1

Since I took forever for the last update, I really wanted to get another chapter out to you guys. I was working on Jim's actually, but I was just more inspired to do William's. So sorry everyone who wants a Jim chapter. I'm working on it, I promise.

Will you settle for Will? (haha, I crack myself up) Anyway, like with Sissi, I tried to keep an essence of William in here without people hating him. I know there are a lot of William bashers, usually because of the whole Ulrich/Yumi/William triangle. But William, in my opinion, isn't as bad as a lot of people make him out to be. In this chapter, I tried to show him in a more justified light. Enjoy!

Oh, keep in mind that this takes place before he became a Lyoko Warrior. Clone!William is a different character than regular!William. Hm... maybe clone!William will get his own chapter... Food for thought...


1. He looks around the campus in disgust. Why did his father pay a small fortune for him to go to school here? Small dorm rooms, boring classes, a dumb gym teacher

Then he saw a girl standing away from the crowd, wearing all black and a look of boredom on her face. Their eyes locked, and suddenly, William was glad his father had sent him to Kadic.

2. The Subsonics are okay, but he never really liked mainstream music.

3. He likes not having a roommate. He doesn't have to worry about how loud he plays his music or how late he stays up.

But sometimes, it might be nice to have someone to talk to late at night instead of just having silence surround him.

4. His favorite color is blue because when he was little, the blue Power Ranger was his hero.

5. He spent hours posting those love notes all over his old school. And then got kicked out for it! Just harmless love notes

It would have been worth it if he had at least gotten a kiss from the girl.

6. So many people think hes cocky. But really, theres just a fine line between arrogance and confidence.

7. When he was little, he wanted a sibling. A brother. Two years older. Named Sam. He would have black hair and the same blue eyes as William. He would play board games with William, and they would play baseball outside.

Until he was seven years old, he had conversations with his imaginary brother.

8. He knows every word to every song in the My Fair Lady musical. He will take that secret to the grave.

9. He offered to cover for Yumi when she needed to sneak out of Jims class and go God knows where with her friends. He was so disheartened when he saw the shocked expression on her face.

Why is it so hard for her to believe that he only wants to help her?

10. As a kid, he never liked the video games where he had to save the princess at the end. For some reason, he was never very good at them.

11. His father has been planning his future since before he was born. William knows he's expected to graduate in the top of his class, go to an IVY league college, become a CEO president by the age of 26, and eventually marry a refined wife with high social status.

But, that's just not what he wants at all.

12. When he found out that Yumi liked balloons, he went to the store and bought fifty of them. Then at four oclock in the morning, he snuck out of the school to line up balloons along the street that she walked down every morning to get to Kadic.

13. His favorite part of the day is lunch. Yumi always sits with her friends, and she just seems so happy. Even though shes with Ulrich, hes just glad that shes having a good time.

14. When hes bored in class, he plays solitaire on his cell phone. In just one English class, he played thirty-seven games.

Too bad he only won fourteen of them.

15. Sometimes, if he concentrates, he can remember events that didnt ever actually happen. It sounds so crazy, he knows it does. These things couldnt really happen, could they?

And yet, they seem so real.

That's all she wrote, folks! For William at least... I'll write more for other characters later. No notes for this chapter. It's all pretty straightforward

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