Story "High school Freshmen Chapter 3" by ygg


"oh i guess i could understand" said jimmy

"are you sayinh we should try agan" said Cindy

"Why dont you talk to your mom on the subject and of coarse we can try again" said Jimmy

"I guess ill talk to you later" said Cindy

"yeah" said Jimmy

he jumped out the window and hurried home

few minutes later cindy's mother came home

"Mom i need to talk to you" said Cindy

Cindys mom came in

"yeah honey" said Cindys mother

"can we talk" said cindy

"yes" said Cindy mother

"Now what would you say if i told you i want to have safe sex with someone" said Cindy
"i would say as long as you like the guy i approve" said cindys mother

"ok now what would you say if i told you i want to have sex without protection" said Cindy

"well may i ask who with" said Cindy mother

"welll yeah Jimmy" said Cindy

"aw" said CIndys mother "but what if you get pragnant do you really want that responsibility" said cindy mother

"we love eachother yes"said Cindy she started crying

"its up to you im not going to try to stop you from teenage hormones but i will be with you all the way" said Cindys mother

"thanks' said Cindy