Story "Wishes Always Come True Chapter 2" by djtg18

As usual, Scooby and the gang belong to Hanna Barbera, blah. Im really sorry for the cliff (evil scary mob standing maniacally behind chair) but I kind of got cut short. I promise I will try and make the next chapter longer, and some unanswered questions will be answered in good time. Now, on with the show!

The girls had gone to the mall with Scooby, leaving Fred and Shaggy along in the headquarters. Fred started to set up the PlayStation 2, when he noticed Shaggy, still sitting at the breakfast table, still picking at his food. Fred had known something was wrong as soon as he heard the words Im not hungry escape from Shaggys lips, but didnt want to say anything. Now he knew he had to say something, because Shaggy wasnt even excited he could play video games. Freddie slowly made his way to the cupboard, took out the snacks, (you better know what those are or else you are so not a Scooby fan) and sat down next to his best friend. Hey, dude, whats up? Shaggy just sighed, unsure of what to say. Is there anything youd like to tell me? Do you need any advice on anything? Do you have any, like, devices that can, like, change your personality man? Why, whats wrong? Just as Fred said that, realization hit him. Shaggy heard Velma and Daphnes conversation that morning. No wonder he was so upset. Listen Shaggy, you should just ask Velma, but you shouldnt let that get to your head completely, you dont need to be completely brave. But apparently, that wasnt good enough. Shaggy shot up out of his chair, almost knocking Fred over, and started screaming at the top of his lungs, with hurt, watery eyes. Not completely? Fred, what if that doesnt cover it for her? She almost did run off and marry Patrick, but I thank God she found out what a lying, cheating scumbag he is. Thats probably why she used marriage as an example. But what about me? Im no where near as brave as you guys, and so what if she gets fed up with me? What will I do? Just asking her is not enough. I need to get completely brave. I dont want to lose her again, Fred Jones, and if that means I, like, have to give up who I am, then Im, like, gonna do it. He calmed down towards the end, making him seem (and talk) more like himself, but he still felt crappy enough to just plop down in his chair and plop his face on the counter. Fred had no idea of what to do. He had never been in this situation before. With him and Daphne, it was just a come right out with it kind of thing. They had always been the only ones in each others lives, so he had no idea of what to say. Poor Shaggy. All he ever wanted was Velma in his arms, and he might not get it if his best friend didnt help him. Shagster? What now? You need some help getting brave? Fred, youd do that for me? Hey, youre my best friend. Thats what best friends are for. Shaggy smiled for the first time that day, and then raced off to the game console. Hey, cheater! Get back here! You, like, snooze, you loose, man. They spent the rest of the day either playing Monster Smash IV, or teaching Shaggy hints on how to be brave. So when the girls arrived, Shaggy was full out ready.

Velma reluctantly went with Daphne to the mall, sneaking one last glance at Shaggy. He looked so sad, just picking away at his food. She merely sighed and went out the door. She decided that maybe she should talk with Daphne some more about her problem. Daph always knew what to do. Daph, do you think I really need Shaggy brave? Well, you were over-reacting. But I can see your problem. He does need to hurry up and ask you, before another Patrick problem comes up, only this time no hurt filled break-ups. Oh! I know! We should buy you a whole bunch of cute clothes, and then hell get over his fear, and youll get your boyfriend! Daph, I think itd be smarter if we bought a few clothes for things like dates, and nothing too kinky. Deal, but on one condition. Really? What condition? You are so getting make-up. DAPHNE! Velma looked more scarred than Shaggy did when he saw a ghost. Make-up was her number one enemy. Either make-up or tons of clothes, Velma. Its times like this how I wonder how you and I became best friends. Next thing Velma knew, she was being dragged throughout the mall, Daphne picking out everything, of course. Velma just made sure they stopped by Barnes & Noble before they left. As they started walking home, they starting talking about their men again. Velma, I need some advice. If you have been dating a guy for, like, ever, and he still hasnt proposed, what do you do? Velma could only laugh, that is, until she got one of Daphnes famous death glares. Velma then rolled her eyes as she gave her response. Be patient. Im sure hell do something soon. Are you sure? If he doesnt, just kick his ass. Both girls could not resist laughing at this. Quite frankly, anybody COULD kick his ass. Just watch Scooby-Doo 2 again. They reached the door, but all of the sudden, Velma stopped. Something didnt seem right to her. She knew something was different, but she didnt know if that was a bad thing. Something doesnt feel right. Oh, quit complaining and get in the house. Your prince Charming awaits. Velma rolled her eyes again, but this time in a sarcastic way. oh god, dont remind me. Velma didnt realize that as soon as she stepped through that door, her life would change forever.

Yaaaaaa. I mean, boo, I left a cliffhanger. ( angry mob still behind chair, clutching torches and pitchforks very tightly with very mean, angry and evil looks) I will have to leave more for chapter 3, but fear not, for everything will start making sense soon enough. Please review, and dont leave me hanging. I, girlyraven14, am out. (Ill explain my name later.)